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Doors Sliding Doors Invisible Wire Wall With Mirror Track Magic Frames Baroque

Doors Sliding Doors Invisible Wire Wall With Mirror Track Magic Frames Baroque

Doors Sliding Doors Invisible Wire Wall With Mirror Track Magic Frames Baroque

Doors Sliding Doors Invisible Wire Wall With Mirror Track Magic Frames Baroque. The description of this item has been automatically translated.

Description - here's what we provide. CONTACT The Mirror Sliding Door Expert. MAGICAL sliding with mirror is the sliding door with a minimalist structure with minimal impact, which fits perfectly into any narrow space. Its discretion and minimalism make it suitable to fill the off-limits spaces for traditional sliding doors, giving the environment an unparalleled aesthetic cleanliness.

It can be a functional and creative choice! The external wall sliding doors are functional and beautiful to look at, with the track completely hidden they further embellish your home. The door panel with mirror has no visible support nor any track. Ending up furnishing and personalizing environments. The track in the multiple finishes is completely visible and for this reason it gives a particular elegance to the door.

The track invisible to sight allows sliding with an essential design studied with a prestigious team of architects. The installation of external sliding doors, in the presence of a well-finished compartment, does not present particular difficulties, which can also be carried out with the DIY technique. See the video of the installation of the external wall sliding door. Technical characteristics of economical external wall sliding doors. TYPE : External wall sliding doors at economical prices with MAGICAL track and mirror. DOOR : Wooden door panel with mirror and frame on the outside, all white lacquered.

Patented BINARY casket : Invisible aluminum casket cushioned track, load capacity Kg. Clean and clear lines for an elegant and functional door with sliding mirror outside the wall with a sober and rational presence. Invisible external sliding doors without visible track, excellent idea for hiding a walk-in closet or bathroom in the bedroom.

Detail of the baroque frame with mirror of the External wall sliding door. External sliding door with invisible pantographed lacquered track. External wall sliding door with invisible lacquered track.

KITCHEN sliding doors with invisible track. The imposing frame of the sliding doors outside the scrigno Prezzo wall is characterized by an original and refined style that is both elegant and prestigious. OPENING DIRECTION of the sliding doors. DOOR OPENING DIRECTION External wall sliding doors. Door to scroll Here are the dimensions to check.

With the DIY technique it is easy to assemble the internal sliding door. External sliding door assembly tutorial. Tutorials installation of external sliding door with mirror. Here are the various finishes of the hardware. Here are the various f. Remove the hidden subframe mask. Remove the polystyrene inside the subframe. Carefully clean the internal seat of the subframe. Inside the subframe in a bag you will find the accessories pulleys etc.. Assemble the trolleys and the limit switches that you found in the subframe. Insert the trolleys into the aluminum track. From the bag take the 2 brackets and position them at cm. 12 from the door edge.

Using a screwdriver, mount the brackets with the appropriate screws. Fit the rubber to the rear edge of the door. Mount the anti-flag nose in the lower part of the box. Hook the door panel onto the trolleys.

Tighten the trolley bolts with 2 wrenches. Position the initial limit switch. After testing the operation of the door, tighten the limit switch. Position the door stop pillar.

Position the side toothbrush holders. Place the upper toothbrush holder. After having put everything in the picture, silicone everything with an acetic silicone. Position the architraves / escutcheons.

Also place the architraves in the upper part. Drill and insert the front counterplate into the frame. And here is the finished work.... Does it seem difficult to you? Go to our online sales site. Take advantage of legal benefits. If it concerns installation in a building under construction having the characteristics of a non-luxury main residence. If it concerns installation in a building under renovation. In both cases the documentation to be sent to our office is as follows. 1 Copy of DIA - Valid declaration of commencement of works. 2 Self-certification (downloadable) to be completed and signed in original by the owner of the property. 3 Copy of the owner's identity document. The door is tested in the factory and delivered assembled. After ordering we send the order confirmation with the door drawing.... This allows us to AVOID ERRORS. Pay attention to deliveries for the so-called disadvantaged postal codes. Attention, that is, difficult and expensive areas, in which we ask for a further additional cost to be quantified. Your feedback is essential to our business!
Doors Sliding Doors Invisible Wire Wall With Mirror Track Magic Frames Baroque